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Within this two day course we focus on the fundamental TV and Video Presentation Skills required for on-camera presenting in both live and pre-recorded scenarios.  Candidates will be challenged with a series of on-camera presentation exercises which aim to boost confidence and give an opportunity to experience a variety of on-camera situations.   The course not only concentrates on individual presentation techniques and styles but also gives a technical insight into working with a range of broadcast tools used by presenters. 

Often people faced with presenting on-camera for the first time come across as dry, wooden, monotone or dull and are often horrified at the end result.  Even the most confident of public speakers may fall flat when faced with delivering a presentation on-camera.  With our training we can help you overcome your fears of presenting on-camera and shine!

This TV & Video Presenting Skills course is for anybody interested in following a career as a TV Presenter or anyone who wants to improve their on-camera presence when faced with delivering video presentations.   

Discover your on-camera persona and learn how to present like the professionals using some of the skills you will have learned during this course.

Some of the subjects covered during the two day course ….

  • Teleprompter Training
  • Working with Talkback
  • Counting to time
  • Movement
  • Multi-Camera Presenting
  • Self Shooting
  • Green screen
  • Guest Presenting

The course combines the principals of fundamental on-camera presentation skills with practical hands-on pieces to camera.

All recorded footage will be made available to attendees to use at no additional cost.  Light refreshments available.

Course fee:  £700 (Early Bird if booked before 9st September 2016).




LINE PRODUCER Having built good relationships with Line Producers, whilst working with them on film projects throughout the years, I can give recommendations.

LOCATION MANAGERS I have good working relationships with Location Managers whilst working with them on Film Projects throughout the years. I can recommend Location Managers that have excellent knowledge of their field.

CATERING Working long hours on a film shoot, it is important to have good quality food. I have contacts in the catering industry, and can organise caterers at competitive rates.

LOCATION FACILITIES Through my good contacts, I can organise all location facilities, and get the best rates in the UK.

FILM EQUIPMENT I am able to organise Film and Lighting Equipment at negotiable rates.

PROPS As I work with Prop Managers on film sets, I can give good recommendations.

SECURITY I have built very strong working relationships with security which I have worked with on events and films, and can negotiate excellent deals.

TRANSPORT Through working closely with UK based Transport companies on events and films, I can organise all transport varying from coaches, mini-buses, 7 seaters, standard cars and luxury cars and good deals have been extended to me.

TRAVEL SERVICES Having built up a good rapport with a Travel Agent, competitive rates have been made available to me.

HOTELS & APARTMENTS I have built strong working relationships with many hotel and apartment chains throughout the UK and can negotiate very good deals for all the film crew. Group A, B & C categories.

LAUNDRY SERVICES I have developed a good relationship with a Laundry Company who offer competitive rates to the Bollywood Film Industry, and has an excellent pick up and drop off service during Film shoots.

MAKE-UP ARTISTES We have excellent Make up Artistes and hair styling Artistes who have had experience on Bollywood Films and Events. Good rates for productions are negotiable.


PRESS CONFERENCE Having gained so much experience organising media coverage, I have built good contacts within the media circle, and can arrange interviews and press conferences.

TEAM I have a good experienced team, that can work on films, from Hospitality to Production work on Set.

CONCIERGE SERVICES From my wide knowledge of the industry I can organise anything from hotel bookings, airport pick ups, press conferences, film premieres, wrap parties and much more… I cater for individual needs.

ACTORS AND MODELS ON TAPE (Professional Demo reel/Showreel)

The best way for actors and models to record high quality audition footage.

If you’ve been asked to tape an audition for a casting director, agent, client or YOU NEED A NEW SHOWREEL, come and record your reel at our 1 hour filming sessions. Based in Central London, you will be recorded in a professionally set up studio with experienced crew.

You will be expertly coached through a 1 hour filmed session and you can record as many takes as you like within the time. You can then review the footage and choose the best clips upto 2 minutes long to be uploaded to a casting webpage. A link to view and download your high-resolution video files will also be emailed to you. Inbox me for more info or to make an appointment.

Learn everything from core presenting skills to link script writing.
Inc. green screen, location shooting & advice from top media coaches.
get a showreel of your experience
The Fine Print
One per person.
May buy multiples as gifts.
48-hour cancellation policy applies.
Must be aged 15 or over.
Subject to availability.

Full Details
Got a perky smile to rival Fearne Cotton's and an outgoing nature that puts Ant and Dec to shame? Time to make them quake in their boots...

We're offering you a one-day TV presenting course.

Convinced you’ve got what it takes to make it on the small screen, but just not sure how to go about it? Head down Raj Film Productions Int armed with today’s deal! With day-long courses held seven days a week, you’ll experience first-hand what it’s like to be a television presenter. Top media coaches will be on hand to help you put scripts together and teach you a host of core presenting skills, including the following:

Down-the-line camera skills
Multi-camera filming
Link script writing
Location filming
Career advice and guidance


Professional Photography Workshop, International - STUDIO


This workshop is dedicated to the creative minds. Those who like to experiment with shapes and colours.
This fashion photography class will help you understand how to creatively use studio lighting, focusing on generating stunning and flowing colour combinations through the constructive and intensive use of coloured gels.
Learn how to operate gels correctly, balancing all the colours to shoot stunning 'rainbow' portraits that step away from the conventional.

From directing models to lighting, retouching and marketing advice -  everything there is to know about a successful photo shoot.
You will be working supervised in a professional environment, collaborating with one of the most professional creative teams in the industry (models, wardrobe stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists).

The workshop is mainly divided into:
-Introduction to lighting and gels, creative shooting 
- Business Seminar (talk with professional in the industry,

marketing, promotion, clients, magazines, submissions, portfolios, pricing & more) 
- Q&A 
for a more detailed list of topics please refer

Date:  TBA
Location:  TBA

One-to-One lessons

We offer a wide selection of one-to-one classes tailored to your needs. 
You will be taught and followed step by step by our photographers.

The classes take place either in studio (London, UK) or on a convenient location of your choice.

Topics include:

- introduction to digital photography
- know your DSLR camera
- introduction to studio lighting (with optional model)
- successful lighting set ups (with optional model)
- introduction to flash guns (with optional model)
- flash guns natural effects and effective set ups (with optional model)

- composition and technique advice
- model direction & posing (with model)
- portrait/fashion shoot simulation (with model and studio lights)
- retouching class/advice (Photoshop CS)
- portfolio review and feedback
- business advice and mentoring

 Get in Contact telling us a little about you and your areas of interest and we will provide you with a personal and unique course structure to make sure you get the best out of your experience.



  • Video Recording and Editing
  • Event Video Shoots
  • Music Recording and Mastering
  • Music Production and Promotions
  • Photography & Event Photo Shoots
  • Studio and Music Equipment Hire
  • Radio Voiceovers
  • TV Advert Production
  • Film Production
  • Web Advertising and Promotions
  • Event Management and Promotions
  • Talent Management
  • At Liger Television we use the right tools for the job to ensure the best possible results whether you like a hands-on approach or prefer a seamless efficient production where results are delivered with little or no input. We provide a complete solution for the following genres;


    Raj Film Productions Int produces a host of media for the corporate sector including

    Ø  Training Videos

    Ø  Internal / External Communiqué

    Ø  Product Awareness

    Ø  Public Announcements

    Ø  Web video and motion graphic advertisements

    We are with you every step of the way from the initial concept brief, scripting and planning to distributing the finished film. You decide how much of the creative you wish to manage in house and how much you wish to leave in our capable hands.

    We are here to clarify the production process and offer a free consultation to clarify your needs and identify practical solutions for those needs.


    Ø  TV Commercials

    Ø  Motion Graphics

    Ø  Digital-Viral Adverts

    Ø  Radio Ads

    Ø  Event and Product Promotion

    Ø  Alternate Media and Mobile

    Ø  Informative advertorials

    At Raj Film Productions Int we generate an array of promotional material. We are adept with motion graphic production and can see your project through to fruition whether it is an international commercial for broadcast or a web advertisement / viral video.


    Ø Conference

    Ø Sports

    Ø Music

    Ø Fashion

    Ø Stand Up Comedy / Theatre

    Ø Large Scale Documentary

    Ø Live Events

    Ø Outside Broadcast

    Raj Film Productions Int is a leading event coverage specialist. Our professional broadcast crew and managers have extensive experience covering a myriad of events from stand up comedy to banking conferences and live broadcast events such as the BAFTAs. Each event is unique and requires individual analysis. If you would like to get in touch to discuss your event please get in touch with us HERE

    CHARITY AND EDUCATION (20% Discount)

    Raj Film Productions Int creates and uses web video to help charities raise money and create awareness for their causes. Universities and Colleges to create videos to attract more students and to showcase their facilities.

    Email Job@rfpi.tv with your enquiry to find out more.



    Raj Film Productions Int we are renound for our captivating storytelling with pastdocumentaries including BAFTA award winners you can rest assured that our work will satisfy any brief and style. We pride ourselves on our production values and professionalism when dealing with the most delicate subjects. We are able to work anywhere on the planet and have extensive experience, from shooting in isolated sub-zero conditions to filming in rainforests.

    This year we gained experience shooting in the Sahara desert. Harsh environments raise very specific problems. Experience and prudence alone ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget when shooting in such conditions.



    Our dynamic passionate and creative team offers the complete package and is brimming with unique ideas. Our goal when dealing with music promos is to deliver the highest production value possible while realising polished and well formed vision. Each project is unique and bringing it to life in a vivid dynamic way is our forte. We make the process enjoyable and clear.


    Ø Production Planning

    Ø Scripting

    Ø Scheduling

    Ø General Logistics

    Ø Crewing

    Ø Resource Generation

    Ø Location Scouting

    Ø Sourcing Talent

    Ø Equipment

    Raj Film Productions Int has developed a vast network of professionals and with our expertise behind you; even the most complex productions spanning many continents are achievable. We can work as part of your company providing services to supplement your own while retaining your image and supplying professional elements to help you cope with workload. Scheduling and logistical support is an invaluable resource, which we offer. To discuss the specifics of your project please get in touch HERE.



    Ø Editing

    Ø Foley/Audio Atmospherics

    Ø Colour Grading (Colour/Davinci Resolve)

    Ø Motion Graphics

    We offer post production services which include editing on apple basedsystems (FCP) as well as motion graphic and audio/voice over recording services.

    We colour grade films using apple colour and for high end projects – the top of the range Davinci Resolve system.

    For details and our rate card, please get in touch.


    Artists Management & celebrity Co-ordination
    Award Functions (Corporate and Government)
    Corporate Dealer Meets
    Fashion shows and Exhibitions
    Ad Film making
    Live concerts & stage shows
    Media Buying
    Media Relations (media attention
    Musical wedding Nites
    Press conferences and releases
    Celebrity Endorsements & Management
    Corporate Events
    Event, Backstage & Ground Management
    Line producers for ads , documentaries etc
    Advertising Campaigns
    Market Research and PR for Auditions
    Product & Film Launches
    Wedding Planning and management
    Sponsor development
    Sports Events



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