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Our Story

Welcome To Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions is a unique service set up from Casting Professionals, Production Office, Editing Suite, Transport Services, Crew,….
We have a dedicated database of casting directors, production companies, in-house writers, directors and television and film contacts that we have spoken to and built relationships with for years.

Taking into consideration the current economic climate many casting directors and production companies are contacting actors and extras directly to book them for low budget work, particularly in last minute commercials, music videos, viral and internet productions.

We at Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions have an invincible team, Based in the UK, Mauritius, France, Belgium and India.

A casting agency is always known for its ability to offer extras, models and creative talent to the film industry but we at the RFPI are dedicated in bringing out the talent from every single one of our members and help showcasing their craft in the best Films, Catwalk, Music Video, … they deserve.

Raj Rajilal started his career in the film industry as Film Runner which further led him to film editing, casting and Directing. It was Mr Shekhar Kapur his guru who pointed him in the direction of a film career and now Raj is not only working on his script which would probably be his directorial but also being the CEO of the company he will be casting a lot of new remarkable talent in the industry.

We are dedicated in making each event unique, with the most professional approach giving you the confidence that you will only receive the most supreme service.


With the desire and capability to succeed through innovation and inspiration, Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions provides a complete event management service which leads to delivering excellence.

With expertise and passion for delivering first class successful events, we display energy, integrity and professionalism.

Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions is RECRUITING Models, Actors, Extras, Entertainers, Dancers, Singers, Makeup Artist, Photographers, Backstage Support, Choreographers, Crew members, Cameraman, Drivers, SIA Security, many more for info to email us.


We have projects based internationally, Means anyone can register at any time and we would see you for suitable position.

Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Conceived less than 10 years ago by Rajesh Rajilal.

We’ve worked with the biggest production companies in the UK, USA, India . With an impressive portfolio of over actors, models, extras, scriptwriters, musicians, directors, editors, photographers, shooting crew, costume designers and so much more, we can help you find that perfect face or talent that you’ve been searching for.

Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions brings you innovative and groundbreaking films & documentaries, with expert professionals and technicians at the heart of its faculty. These professionals assist our company in devising and delivering original and creative pieces of moving imagery.

Use Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions, and let us take care of all your events needs. Our experienced staff are there to provide you with flawless event coverage and support during your special product launches, exclusive opening ceremonies, fashion shows, concerts and brand endorsements or for that all important career boost.