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Makeup Artists

Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions works with experienced makeup artists who ensure that models, performers, presenters and others have suitable make-up and hairstyles before they appear in front of the cameras or an audience. This may be in a variety of settings: film; television; theatre; live shows; or photographic studios.

The make-up artist’s role is to interpret the make-up requirements of clients and that of models/artists and to produce both a creative and technically accurate visual representation. This may in some cases involve very basic make-up for a TV presenter through to more complex period make-up or special effects. They all have the ability to work as part of a production team.

The title make-up artist does not do justice to this profession. A more accurate description would be special effects artist as the role involves creating images through the medium of make-up, hairstyles and prosthetics in accordance with the storyline.

We work with most of the famous makeup artists.

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Makeup Artists