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Movie Script Assistance

Do you need assistance with your script writing?

Yash Media Ltd / Raj Film Productions can provide you with experts who are known to be the best in the industry.

We can get you the best script writers to help you with your scripts, plays and screenplays. Most of them are skilled professionals with particular expertise in assessing, editing and writing for performance arts.

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Movie Script Assistance

Translation and Subtitling

We work with a group of skilled Interpreters and Translators who provide on-location services in a multitude of languages that vary from English to Japanese. Most of them have worked with previous directors and will help anyone from a different language communicate with the on-location crew swiftly and easily.

We also provide movie subtitling and translation. It is basically the process of superimposing a written translation on a film that has dialogue in another language. We provide a full range of services to meet your requirements, working on films and videos in any language, as well as commercials, in-flight videos and programs of any type, in most formats.

We only use subtitlers, who have a proven ability to produce creative and accurate subtitles, within the given timings; ones who are qualified and experienced.

Our rates are calculated per subtitle and can supply completed subtitles in a variety of different formats.

For more information on Translation & Subtitling services, please contact us.

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